Transfer of a Personal Domain Website to a Third Party.

Personal Domain Name websites can be sold and transferred to a third party following their initial registration, providing the purchaser agrees to accept Our Pages Ltd's Registration and User Conditions and the Customer registered the personal domain at least 3 Months previously.

If you wish to transfer your Personal Domain Website, you will need to start by activating the 'Transfer tab' option on your Administration  Controls. Simply enter your website address below and click the 'Administer Site' button. Once you have done this, you will be prompted to enter your user name and password to be granted access to your Administration  Controls.

Enter your website address:



Use the 'Transfer tab' option to provide details of the new owner. You have to submit this to Our Pages Ltd with your agreement to pay a twelve pounds administration fee (inclusive of VAT) using your credit or bank card before the transfer procedure can be instigated.

Afterwards, the new potential owner will be contacted by Our Pages Ltd by e-mail and asked to complete an on-line transfer application, which includes a declaration that they can read, write and understand English and irrevocably accept the Registration and User Conditions in their entirety. They also must agree to pay a twelve pounds administration fee (inclusive of VAT) using their credit or bank card.

Once both transfer forms have been submitted, both the purchaser and the seller will be invited to go to a secure server to pay the twelve pounds they both agreed to pay in order to complete the transfer formalities. Note: Commissions for referrals from a website that is being transferred, will be held to the credit of the new owner and this should be taken into consideration before starting any transfer.

Renewal of Subscriptions for Personal Domain Service:
Click on renew subscriptions for information.

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