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Subscriptions*: With twelve Pounds for one year and twenty four Pounds for two years, inclusive of VAT, we will provide you with a personal domain registration-hosting service with 16MB of server space and 10 MB per day (300 MB per month) of bandwidth, for you to create, display and administer your web-site. *This is a half price introductory offer, which is available for a limited period only, whilst we activate all the facilities publicised on this website, some of which are still subject to beta testing before being made available to our Customers. 

Prices Summary (inclusive of VAT).
Description Price

1 year's rental of personal domain with editable site including 16Mb server space and 10MB of daily bandwidth usage*.


Optional: 1 year's rental of an extra 16Mb server space*. £12.00
Optional: 1 year's rental of an extra 10Mb daily bandwidth*. £12.00

*Currently customers can subscribe for a maximum of two years in advance.

Optional extra Server Space: In 16 Mb blocks, paying an additional twelve pounds annual subscription, inclusive of VAT, for each additional 16 MB of server space you want to be allocated for your web site and e-mail usage, with no upper limit placed on the number of extra 16 Mb blocks that you can subscribe for.

Optional extra Bandwidth: In 10 Mb blocks, paying an additional twelve pounds annual subscription, inclusive of VAT, for each additional 10 MB of daily bandwidth you want to be allocated for use by your visitors, with no upper limit placed on the number of extra 10 Mb blocks that you can subscribe for.

But before making your decision, consider the following:

Many firms provide more server space for websites than we do; if this factor is going to influence your decision, bear in mind that our templates have been created with the aim of reducing the necessity for large server space requirements; for example, in general, photographs need extensive server space, yet, with our templates, you could upload a 10 MB photograph and it will be, automatically, reduced to a manageable size, probably around 30 KB - 50 KB, ready to be displayed on your website. Because there are 1000 KB in 1 MB, this demonstrates how effective our templates are at minimising server space requirements.

If you intend to upload videos, podcasts or hundreds of photographs to your website, then, although you can subscribe for additional bandwidth and server space which will increase your annual subscription considerably, it would be far better for you to sign up with one of the many free web space services that let you upload videos, podcasts etc without cost, since they make their profits from advertising. Although you could find yourself lost in the crowd as one amongst several thousand users, you will have the best of both worlds if you use one of our instant editable websites as your ‘memorable’ contact point, unencumbered from advertising and then, include a link from it to publicise the location of your videos and podcasts uploaded to a free web space provider.

Caution if creating a non English language site! Which you can, but, in this case, You will need a specific language keyboard for the language you want to use to enter text and your visitors will need a web browser that specifically views pages in your language. After selecting the language that you wish to create your website in (via a drop down menu in your Administration Controls), hover your mouse over the editing icons to identify their function in your chosen language. We are unable to correct display problems other than those occurring in the English language. Although, the back up button backs up text in any language, the acceptance of a subscription is conditional on your being able to read, write and understand English.

One pound commission credited for introductions from your site.

Every time someone clicks the Want Your Own Web-Site? link from a Personal Web Site, they will be connected to one of Our Pages Ltd's sites like the one you are reading now. Visitors will read that the owners of the site that referred them, will be credited One Pound commission if they sign up and continue using our service after the 7 days' trial period is over, as indeed they themselves will be entitled to commission for their own introductions, should they subscribe to use our service. Tip! If you want more than one website or you know that friends and relations want a site for themselves, register one site to begin with, then register the second or get your friends to register their site by clicking the 'Want Your Own Web Site?' link from your website, so you can earn commission and also see how payments are recorded.

Costs of transferring a personal domain name to a third party.

A Customer can transfer their Personal Domain Name to a third party by completing the on-line transfer application and paying Our Pages Ltd an administration fee of twelve pounds sterling, inclusive of VAT; after that Our Pages Ltd will e-mail the third party with a request for them to complete another on-line transfer application, including their making a declaration that they can read, write and understand English and irrevocably accept Our Pages Ltd's Registration and User Conditions in their entirety. They also have to pay Our Pages Ltd an administration fee of twelve pounds sterling, inclusive of VAT to complete the transfer formalities, the total costs being twenty four pounds paid equally by the transferor and the transferee.

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Cost to transfer a Personal Domain Website to third party.
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