Opportunity to Open a free e-mail-box.

Subscribers to Our Pages Ltd's Personal Domain Web Site Service are allocated 16 Mb of server space for day to day use of your web-site.

Our Pages Ltd DO NOT provide Subscribers with any e-mail service whatsoever; this is to prevent any possibility of e-mail abuse. Most subscribers will already have an e-mail box, either given to them by their Internet Service Provider or are using one of the many FREE e-mail services available on the Internet.

But, if you do not already have an e-mail address and would like to have a FREE one, then we provide (see below) links to two well known Providers.

Providers of FREE e-mail Services are:

www.yahoo.com - click the YAHOO MAIL button on their site. Then click the Free Mail Sign Up link.

www.msn.com - click the HOTMAIL button on their site. Then click the New Account Sign Up tab.

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