Coming Soon! You will be able to send or view blogs from your mobile phone to selected blogging pages on your website

Sending and viewing blogs (web logs) as photos or text entries to websites from either computers or mobile phones, has become very popular all around the world.

Those wanting to publish blogs are spoilt for choice; many websites on the Internet offer facilities to send and read blogs. Some provide a free hosting service with pop-up adverts, others charge fees.

Our Pages Ltd's Phone Blogging service is still being beta tested but will be available soon, subscribers will be able to activate it via their administration controls as soon as we make this service available; it will compare very favourably with rival services, because, although it is normal for the phone costs to be paid by users, the mobile phone costs of accessing a Personal Web Site can be reduced if YOU activate specific pages on your web site as blogging pages, so that people, whom you want to exchange phone blogs with, can go directly to a relevant blogging page and not wait for the whole of your website to be entirely downloaded.

Blogs can be for public display or for viewing only to those to whom you have granted access by telling them what password(s) and user name (s) to enter to view a specific blogging page(s).

Another advantage is that you do not need to use your mobile phone to be part of the blogging fraternity. Your blogging page can be viewed and blogs uploaded from a computer, whether your are at home, Internet Café or anywhere else.

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