Additional Server Space.

If your Personal Domain web site becomes very large and you do not wish to delete anything, then you may need more than the 16 Mb of allotted server space to display your website.

An additional server space usage link is displayed in your administration controls so that you can subscribe for additional server space in 16MB blocks should you so desire.

You will be required to pay an extra twelve pounds annual fee, inclusive of VAT, for each additional 16 MB of server space you want to be allocated for your web site, with no upper limit placed on the number of extra 16 Mb blocks that you can subscribe for.

From your administration controls, you can readily see what server space you are using. This is worth checking during your 7 days' free trial period; most subscribers will find that 16MB is adequate.

If you need additional bandwidth.
Click on additional bandwidth for information.
The prices you pay are clearly set out - No Hidden Extras.
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A refund is guaranteed should you cancel within a week.
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